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Customized Safety Policies

A complete safety policy demonstrates your company’s commitment to the personal well being of your employees. It assures your employees of this commitment and will enhance the relationship between management and labour. A good policy tells your clients of your dedication to safety. A safety policy is a requirement under the occupational Health & Safety Act.

HBA can create a customized policy or review and update your existing policies to ensure that it meets all current requirements.

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Owner Pre-qualification Criteria

Owners of projects and their consultants need expertise to assess the safety records of contractors. Selecting the wrong contractor can lead to production and legal problems. It is important to know what to look for when evaluating a tender. Effective evaluation examines multiple components of a firm’s ability to complete the job safely.

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Experience Ratings - CAD-7, MAP, NEER

Failure to understand these programs can be detrimental to any employer. Errors do occur and employers must be able to ensure their safety record is correct. Errors can cost the company money unless corrected. In other cases, an incorrect calculation could reject a contractor from being allowed to bid on projects because of a poor safety record.

We can analyze and validate your past assessments, and forecast your future assessments. We can request a recalculation by the WSIB if your assessment is incorrect.

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Workwell Audit Preparation

WSIB rules have recently changed making it more important than ever that employers who fail their first safety audit succeed in their second audit. Failing an audit can be very costly, as well as, invite more frequent visits form Ministry of Labour inspectors. The audit is very demanding, and time consuming unless addressed in the correct manner. Failing the second audit will have severe financial implications.

We will work with you to prepare for an audit and correct any issues arising from an unsuccessful first audit.

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Claims Appeals

Incorrect application of injury claims can have a serious effect on an employer’s safety record. Employers have the right to appeal WSIB decisions. The appeals can and often do go to the WSIA Tribunal – an organization outside the WSIB that can overturn a board decision. Successful appeals will also result in associated costs being removed from the employer’s record. HBA has a successful track record with both the appeals branch at the board and the tribunal.

Claims Management

An effective claims management system will control claims and associated costs. HBA assists employers to develop systems to manage claims while providing insight to ongoing claims. Further, HBA works with employers and injured workers to develop early and safe return to work programs.

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Financial Issues

Employer classification: Occasionally employers fall under more then one rate category, or are unaware that they have been placed in the wrong rate group. This can drastically impact annual assessments produced by the WSIB. HBA has worked with many firms to analyze their rate classification and the financial impact of changes.

Transfer of Costs: Most employers are not aware of this right or how it works. This is a normal business practice and can impact on an employer’s safety record as well as having financial implications.

Costs can be transferred for various reasons. We will evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations where applicable.

Trend Analysis & Group Performance

HBA is able to provide trend analysis of injuries or illnesses. This examination of data could identify problem areas of past or future injuries. This is especially important and useful at the occupational, geographic or industry level.- Back To Top -

Safety Groups

For more information on HBA safety groups click here.

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General Statistical Analysis

Further to the services outlined above HBA often embarks on special projects for individual firms and industry associations to analyze specific data. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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