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Occupational Health and Safety
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WHY HBA? We will conduct your training anytime, anywhere. We will conduct it at your site, your office, whenever convenient to minimize interruption to your business.

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Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems

All workers in Canada are required to have WHMIS training. Employees are required to show proof of training. We offer complete training, and updating of this course. The training is specific to your workplace. Topics covered include label identification, material safety data sheets (MSDS), health implications of exposure, and control of hazards.

The half-day course includes materials and proof-of-training card. A minimum of 10 participants is required

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Fall Protection

One of our most popular courses, we certified several hundred people in 2002 alone. This program outlines the new construction regulations setout by the Occupational Health & Safety Act n June of 2002. It addresses the hazards at different levels, precautions to take as it relates to ladders, scaffolds, etc. Other topics discussed are employer responsibility to pre-plan with sub-contractors for potential hazards, fall arrest systems and emergency response plans.

This hands-on course includes materials, demonstrations, and certification cards. A minimum of 10 participants is required.

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Management Seminar – Basics of Supervision

This program is essential for new supervisors and those who had little or no formal supervisory training. It addresses Leadership principles, Motivation and Communication, OSHA, Safety Policy and Programs, Accident Investigation, Emergency Response, and Accident Statistics. Many owners and constructors now require all contractors’ and sub-contractors’ supervisors to complete this course.

Maximum size class is 20 participants

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Management Seminar – Occupational Health & Safety Act

This half-day course delivers insight to the OSH act and how it works. It is designed for middle and senior management, as well as those employees who must oversee or inspect construction sites on a regular basis. Topics include rights and responsibilities of the workplace parties, health and safety committees and representatives, work refusals and penalties.

Examples and case studies are provided based on actual court cases.

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Management Seminar – Workplace Safety & Insurance Board 

This half-day course gives management an opportunity to understand how the board operates. It includes Operation Policies, Rate Structure, Premium Calculations, Experience Rating Plans, Second Injury & Enhancement Fund, Transfer of Cost Process, Surcharges & Fines, Entitlement, Appeals System, and future issues.

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Lockout/Tagging Out

This course discusses the requirements of locking out, requirements under the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Topics include practical applications, types of locks and tags, when to use, and the importance of communication of instructions and procedures.


Site Inspections

Competent experienced personnel can be dispatched to different locations to oversee and evaluate health and safety performance. Site audits will highlight strengths and weaknesses. They will ensure procedures and policies are being followed. That all parties comply with legislation and best practices. Recommendations for improvement will be noted and followed up at subsequent visits.

CPR & First Aid

A specialist in CPR & First Aid training conducts this two-day hands on course. Upon successful completion of this program participants will receive their Basic’s CPR & First Aid certificate for the period of 3 years.

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Propane Handling 

A certified consultant who specializes in occupational health training puts on this course. This course meets the requirement for all personnel who must handle propane.

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